How to Burn VIDEO to DVD on Mac

It sounds like the DVD Movies we downloaded is a pre-built DVD of some kind. The directory structure for DVD movies typically puts all the movie content and menus in a VIDEO_TS folder. Now, if you want to backup the VIDEO_TS (DVD Folder) to DVD disc for playback on your Mac computer or home DVD player, what should we do?

How to Burn VIDEO_TS File to DVD on Mac?
DVD Creator Std is a professional software to Burn VIDEO_TS file to DVD with simple and practical edit function.
You can Free download VIDEO_TS to DVD Burner for Mac.

Then just follow 3 steps:
Choose VIDEO_TS to import file —— Drag VIDEO_TS to Program —— Burning VIDEO_TS to DVD

1. Choose Video Type to Import File
There are 4 video types, now you need to choose “VIDEO_TS”.

2. Drag your VIDEO_TS File to the Program
Burn VIDEO_TS to DVD on Mac
You can select the “+” to add the VIDEO_TS file to the program; you also can drag the VIDEO_TS file directly to the program.

3. Start Burning VIDEO_TS File
Click the “Burn” button, you will see a setting interface to rename your DVD and set your DVD burning speed, then you can sit back and wait while your new disc gets written!

After finished, you can watch the DVD on your home DVD player. Enjoy and share it. Why not try?

More details from: How to Burn VIDEO_TS to DVD on Mac >>


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